The Team of KON

Our employees are the centre of KON GmbH. In our friendly atmosphere 20 people work full or part-time to ensure the success of the holding company and its subsidiaries. The flat hierarchy enables the direct collaboration and quick exchange of information on every subsection and position. Openness, tolerance and a willingness to help are the driving forces behind the goal and philosophy of KON GmbH and are therefore the basis of our successful, co-operative teamwork.

KON GmbH employs workers in accountancy, financial planning, organisation, personnel, marketing/PR and engineering, as well as training many apprentices.

Uli Klinkhammer, Director


Since 1987 he is "online". In 1994 he started acting as an ISP. In 1998 he launched the first german service for free homepages:

Uli studied Economics at the University of Duisburg from 1990 until 1996. He didn´t got a degree because of concentrating on his carrier as independant business man.

Inside the group he acts as the creative pole. He is the technical and philosofical heart of it.

Marcos Delvalle, Director


As Managing Director of Flora Flux S.A., which is the holding company of KON GmbH he is mainly controlling all kind of business activities inside the group. Marcos holds a degree as system analyst.


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