KON GmbH, founded on 28 June 2000, is a specialist Internet Holding- and Management- Company, which currently has a 100 percent holding interest in three companies.

The function of the parent company consists of the accountancy, financial planning, organisation and personnel departments, while the subsidiaries are responsible for the operative business.  The core business of those are  the provision and development of Internet services, the marketing of websites and the registration of domainnames. 

Due to the core activity of its subsidiary, IT takes the central position at KON GmbH.  The business, located in a modern computer center in the heart of Duisburg, runs high-capacity Gigabit-connections, which, together with the use of Linux as stable server software, guarantees the smooth operation and consequential growth of the company. 


Official Name: KON GmbH Klinkhammer Online

Company Classification: KON GmbH is a holding company.  It controls 100 percent of KONTENT GmbH, KONTENT Latinoamérica S.A. and Ampira GmbH.

Legal Form:  Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), Limited Company

Shareholder Structure:

Flora Flux S.A., Montevideo, Uruguay:  90 percent

KON GmbH, Duisburg, Germany: 10 percent

Capital Stock: 75 000 Euros

Registered Office: Duisburg, Germany

HRB Registration: 28.03.2007, HRB 19202

Operating Site:  Winkelhauser Str. 63, 47228 Duisburg, Germany

Employees:  Currently 10 full-time staff, 14 part-time and trainees (inc. subsidiaries)


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